Our Prices

Our domestic drain blockage clearance prices applies to the clearance of standard blockages and privately owned non-shared household drains through drain jetting, machining and rods. There are no hidden charges or call out fees.

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Blockage in your bathroom or kitchen – £96 inc. VAT

If the blockage in your kitchen or bathroom is an obstruction between the toilet bowl, shower, basin or kitchen sink and the vertical stack pipe, we may be able to remove it using manual tools such as rods, plungers, or even gauntlets. This work can be done for the fixed price of £96 (inc. VAT).

Outside Blockage – £144 inc. VAT

If the problem goes further and is linked to the outside soil pipe and an outside manhole, we may have to use other means in order to clear the blockage. We will secure the area, and then safely and effectively remove the obstruction using a drain jetter or an electro-mechanical machine. Work that requires this kind of mechanical equipment will cost the fixed price of £144 (inc. VAT).

Bigger pipework and drainage problems – Call for Quote

CCTV investigation – Call for Quote

It may be that there are bigger problems with your drains and we cannot clear the blockage using our equipment. This could be for a number of reasons including, root ingress, collapses, joint displacement and flattening (a problem with older pitch fibre drains) or any other damage to your pipework.

This would require having a look down the drain with one of our CCTV cameras to see if we can identify the problem, giving you an immediate, technicolour view of the inside of your pipes. If required we can provide a DVD and report using industry standard WinCan software. This is the same software Thames Water uses and meets all their requirements.

Terms & Conditions

These prices are for during normal working hours (8am-6pm) Monday to Friday. All prices quoted are domestic prices. Please contact us for a commercial quote and out of hour’s prices. Additional costs will be incurred if we need to create access to drains or manhole covers, or if we need to dig up and repair a damaged drain. You will be informed of any additional cost before the work takes place.

We believe in being open and transparent about our prices. There are no hidden costs, if the blockage fits the description then this is the price you pay. There are no hidden charges or call out fees.