Drains in London

Your drain is something that you never see but use constantly

They form an integral part of your home or business utilities and, if they do go wrong, can have serious consequences. If water and waste can’t drain away from your property your drainage system can become blocked up causing flooding which can lead to serious structural damages.

At Total Drainage London we offer a range of services to both the commercial and domestic drainage markets with the aim of future proofing your drainage system against faults, saving you money in the long run.

We offer CCTV Drain Surveys, so we can get up close and personal to see what your problems are. We also provide drain jetting and cleaning, which is a common fix for many drainage problems.

For more complex problems we can excavate, re-set and re-line drainage systems, all carried out by consummate professionals using only materials bought from trusted suppliers to ensure that your solution is a permanent as possible.


One of the things that sets us apart is the fact that we intimately understand London’s drainage landscape and it’s history. The drainage system that serves London today was developed in the late 19th century but before that London was pretty much served by open sewers.

Edicts dating from the reign of Henry VIII made homeowners responsible for disposing of their waste but, due to the lack of efficient sewer systems, things like cholera epidemics were rife.



It wasn’t until the Great Stink of 1858, where the smell of human waste was so strong that it could be smelt for miles outside the city that Parliament tasked Joseph Bazalgette, Chief Engineer of the Metropolitan Board of Works with creating a modern drainage system.

His plans were implemented between 1858-1865 and comprised 6 main sewers almost 100 miles in length that incorporated London’s lost rivers. As London grew so to did the pressure on it’s drainage system and during the 20th century, especially during the 80s and 90s, when the Isle of Dogs was redeveloped, major improvements were put in place.

Recent developments include the Thames Tideway system, designed to increase the carriage capacity of London’s drains, which is expected to be completed by 2020. 

We know just how important drains are and just how they’ve come to be so integral to London so, if you’re in need of a drainage solution you can feel secure knowing that you’ve hired drainage experts with the skills and experience to tackle any problem, big or small.