Domestic Homes

Stop your homes blocked drains becoming a stress and money loss for your family.

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They are pretty much the bane of any homeowners life and can be potentially very dangerous for you and your family.

What happens is that when water can’t drain away it comes back out of toilets, sinks and drains, flooding either your property or that of your neighbours.

It’s very important to act at once when you’ve got a blocked drain. Overflowing sewage is a serious health risk (plus, it smells and looks awful) and can cause long term structural damage and vermin infestations in your property if left unchecked.


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There are a few simple things to look out for that give away a domestic blocked drain. Remember that picking up on these problems early can save you money in the long run.

•  Strange gurgling noises.  These coming from toilet, sink or bath plug holes.

•  Water draining much slower than normal when you drain the sink.

•  Water rising and almost overflowing the bowl every time you flush the toilet.

•  Smell – the easiest to spot and the hardest to ignore.


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