Drain Covers Of The World

In the world of drainage there tends to be a small capacity for created influence, lets be honest, we are repairing and maintaining issues in some of the most disgusting areas know to man. Drain covers and manhole covers are our gateway to work and we pass through these gateways quite regularly. The covers themselves are usually quite bland and functional but all over the world certain cities are throwing there own creative twist on their gateways to the sewers.

1) Qingdao, China


2) Stavanger, Norway


3) Malmö, Sweden


4) Paris, France


5) Gunma Prefecture, Japan


6) Miami, Florida


7) Riga, Latvia


8) Denver, Colorado


9) San Cristobal, Ecuador


10) Berlin, Germany


11) Toledo, Spain


12) Seattle, Washington


13) Kurashiki City, Japan


These creative and innovative drain covers show the world that even the most boring aspects of the city can be artistic and creative. We’d most certainly enjoy our work a lot more if we encountered a different vibrant drain cover everyday. It would probably even make the task of entering the sewers a bit more bearable for drainage workers, as well as brightening up our city streets.

Do you have blocked drains?

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