7 strange and amazing things found in public drains

Anyone that’s ever had to unblock a sink or any workman that’s ever had to inspect a drain will tell you that some really disgusting things do end up in our drains. However there are some times when disgusting just doesn’t cut it, when what’s found in the drain is beyond and above the call of duty for anyone but a professional to remove. Our own personal experience has given us some nasty shocks but they don’t really compare to finding:


1) This 14-foot alligator found during sewer maintenance works in Tampa, Florida.



2) This £21,000 stolen Rolex found by a street cleaner in Essex.

Blocked drains london


3) 6 of these man-eating piranhas found in the Midlands after nearby

residents complained of a fishy smell leaking from their drains.

drain cleaning london


4) This small child recently found abandoned in a drain in Sydney.

blocked drains london


5) This now-famous 66ft fatberg found underneath Westminster.

blocked drain london


6) This Mexican King Desert Snake found in, of all places, Scotland’s sewer system.

blocked drains london


7) And finally, these homeless people who have built whole lives in the Las Vegas storm drain system.

blocked drains london


The sheer scale and range of what we throw away on a daily basis is staggering and is also a major cause of drain blockages. As seen above these blockages can be as simple and horrifying as the 66-foot fatberg (which was caused by flushed wet wipes) or as mind-numbingly horrifying as a fully-grown alligator.


Do you have blocked drains?

The message here is always check, if you have blocked drains in London then you need to find the root of the problem and tackle it using professional help before it grows beyond your control. Please get in touch either via the Contact Us section on our website or call us on  020 3556 4453 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

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