Spring & Summer Gully Clearance

You’ve probably noticed by now that winter has well and truly gone. As we pass into Spring the days start to get longer and as the weather warms it usually rains. If you’ve ever had to get a train in the spring months you’ll probably understand how something minor like fallen excess rainfall can cause major problems.

While cancelling trains because of leaves or water on the track is frankly ridiculous, having drains and gullies flood because they’re clogged with leaves, mud and runoff litter isn’t.

A gully consists of a concrete pot that’s sunk into anywhere that surface water collects (roads, gardens and and is covered with a visible iron grate. Water collects in the pot and is then channelled to sewer networks via a network of pipes.

If you’re a property owner it’s important to know here just exactly what constitutes your responsibility and what doesn’t. There have been recent changes in legislation that affect ownership and responsibility for underground drainage systems (which we cover in more depth here).

Chances are that your local authority will take care of any blocked drains and gullies on public property when (and hopefully before) they happen but, if you’re connected to, or own, a private pumping station you could be liable for repairs. It’s also possible that, if you have a garden, there is a gully there too.

Gullies in private roads, parking areas and gardens are the sole responsibility of house or property owners. One approach to consider is tackling the problem before it becomes an issue. Spring and summer are the perfect times to schedule in a service cleanse that’ll save you money and give you peace of mind that your surface drainage systems are safe for the coming year.

It’s not just during colder months however, as during very dry periods gullies can dry out and cause smells to leak back out.

The networks of pipes connected to gullies are complex and require experience and expertise to clean properly without damaging them. If you are responsible for a private drainage system you shouldn’t attempt to clear them yourself. Cleaning should only be handled by a professional drainage company correctly equipped to handle gully clearance.

Need some help?

At Total Drainage we are equipped to handle both pre-planned gully maintenance and reactive emergency gully clearances so please get in touch either via the Contact Us section on our website or call us on  020 3556 4453 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

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